The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water

Flood Friendly Products

There are several products that we recommend to get your pool up and running again following a flood in your area:

Get Started

  • PoolStyle® Fresh Start is designed to solve severe water fouling problems. It will remove white water mold, pink slime and turn a severely green pool blue. Fresh Start is compatible with all sanitizing systems and will not bleach your pool’s surface.


  • Super SHOCK-IT 73® is a premium grade fast acting calcium hypochlorite granules that can be broadcast directly into the pool, eliminating messy mixing. Restores sparkle and sheen to pool water as it kills germs, destroys algae and organic contaminants. Super Shock-It contains 65% available chlorine.
  • Super Shockwave® 73% Cal Hypo
  • Refresh+® is a shock treatment and super chlorinator for pools. It controls algae, kills bacteria and destroys organic contaminants in pools and is great for all pool surfaces.

Filter Cleaners

  • Regal® Filter Cleaner & Degreaser removes dirt, scale, oils, and grease for maximum efficiency. It greatly improves filter life and efficiency resulting in clearer water and lower maintenance costs. It should be used at least TWICE A SEASON for maximum performance and can be used on all types of filters.
  • E-Z Clor® Enhanced Filter Cleaner is a dual-acting liquid cleaner that effectively removes scale, dirt, oils and grease to provide better filtration for all types of filters.
  • Pool Logic® Filter Rejuvenator is a dual-acting liquid cleaner that effectively removes dirt, scale, oils and grease for maximum efficiency. It extends filter life – which will result in clearer water and lower overall maintenance costs. It is compatible with all types of filters and is ideal for use in salt water pools.
  • Pool Season® Filter Cleaner - With so much chemical care focused on the pool water, it is important to remember the vital role your filter plays. At least twice a season, take the time to clean your filter with Pool Season's dual-action filter cleaner which removes scale and oils from all types of filters.