The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water

Flood Treatment Tips

If your pool was flooded and filled with storm water, it is strongly recommended that a pool professional be contacted to inspect your pool and assist you in remediation of any damage. We have put together a 3 Step Treatment process to help remedy your pool water and filter system from contaminants.

Give Your Pool a Fresh Start

With the filter system running throughout this whole treatment process, PoolStyle® Fresh Start is a great chemical to use for severe water fouling problems. Fresh Start is compatible with all sanitizing systems and will not bleach your pool’s surface. Please review and follow the label directions when using Fresh Start.

Next comes Shock Treatments

72 hours after using PoolStyle® Fresh Start, ensure that your pool water is balanced before using a shock treatment. It is recommended to shock the pool with a double or triple shock dosage of Super SHOCK-IT 73®, Super Shockwave®, or Refresh+® (more dosages may be required). This is for any algae, sewage, or other contaminants that may have gotten in the water.

Then it’s Time to Clean Your Filter

It is also strongly recommended to use a filter cleaner solution at the start of this treatment process, and again at the end of this treatment process. The filter system is responsible for the majority of the pool cleaning of a flooded pool that is not drained. In order to obtain maximum effectiveness of the chemicals used to clean a flooded pool, it is important that the filter system is cleaned and working properly.