The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water

After the Storm

Once you have safely returned to your home after a storm, you should eventually assess any damage to your backyard and your swimming pool area.

To prevent stains, you will want to clean out debris as soon as possible.

You will want to be sure the pH of water is balanced. You will also need to chlorinate or possibly shock your pool and run the filter until the water is clear.

No matter what you do, do not drain your pool. Even if it’s somewhat of a disaster, it can still be remedied.

You will need to check your pump and filter for any damage. It is a good idea to remove the motor of your pump and let it dry out for 24 hours. If your equipment sat underwater, you will want to get it checked out by a licensed pool repair professional.

The safety of your family should always be your first priority before, during and after a storm. If you are not sure what damage your pool may have received, your best bet is to have it inspected by a pool professional.