The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water

Recommended Products

After a storm, you are going to want to remedy your pool as soon as possible. Pool water can contain salty seawater, algae, sand, phosphates and even sewage. Instead of draining your pool, it can be treated using clarifying solutions, filtration and flocculation. We recommend using the following products to get your water sparkling clean.

  • Brush and clean your pool – brushing with PoolStyle brushes and accessories removes algae and other films and dirt on pool walls and pool floors that can’t be removed by vacuuming. You can then run your automatic cleaner to get the rest of the debris. There are three types of automatic cleaners - suction side pool cleaners, pressure side pool cleaners, and robotic/electronic pool cleaners. Three major manufacturers, Pentair, Hayward, and Zodiac, offer a variety of automatic cleaners for all types and sizes of swimming pools.

  • Sanitize your pool to bring the level between 1-2ppm. PoolStyle Triple Action Tabs provide highly effective water sanitization, algae control and water clarity. You can also use PoolStyle Fresh Start - designed to solve severe water fouling problems. It will remove white water mold, pink slime and turn a severely green pool blue. Fresh Start is compatible with all sanitizing systems and will not bleach your pool’s surface.

  • Add shock if necessary. PoolStyle Multi Performance Shock will sanitize, oxidize, clarify and kill the algae in your water. It dissolves completely with no residue.

  • Maintain pH to a level of 7.2 to 7.4. If you test your pool water and the pH is low, use E-Z Clor pH UP to increase the water’s pH effectively and conveniently. It will help protect pool surfaces, plumbing and equipment from corrosive conditions while improving chlorine efficiency.If your pH is high after testing, you decrease the pH of your pool water slowly and safely with pH Down from E-Z Clor. It will help prevent conditions conducive to cloudy water and reduced chlorine effectiveness.

  • Once the water has cleared test for phosphates and use commercial strength phosphate remover if phosphate levels are over 3,000 ppb. For phosphate levels 3,000 ppb or below use phosphate remover can be used weekly throughout the season to keep phosphate levels low, manage water clarity and keep oils out.

  • Clean the filter and run the system 24 hours a day until the water is clear. E-Z Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner is a universal filter cleaner for all Sand, Cartridge and DE Filters. It is a professional strength filter cleaner for removing oil, scale, organics and grime from sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters. Regular filter cleaning increases water flow and helps keep the water cleaner with maximum filter efficiency. It’s compatible with chlorine, bromine, biguanide, copper / silver, and ozone-treated pools and spas.