The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water

Drought News

Seeds: Learning To Save Water, Drop By Drop

Media Source: The Sacramento Bee

Think of this technology as positive reinforcement, one drop at a time.

As they try to reduce water consumption by 32 percent during California’s epic drought, Folsom residents have a cutting-edge tool to answer a common question: “How much water did we use today?”

Teenager stays in the shower forever? Toilet flapper keeps popping up? Leaky sprinkler head creates a constant puddle? Now, residents can see exactly how wasteful those long showers and little leaks can be. That also goes for running the sprinklers or the washing machine.

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In Drought Fight, Pools And Spas Are Not The Enemy

Media Source: The Orange County Register

Backyard pools and spas are part of the California culture. But with our state in the fourth year of severe drought, many residents, and even some city councils, are looking twice at pools, wondering if they are making things worse.

The short answer is, no, they’re not. While it might seem counterintuitive, pools and spas, and their surrounding decking, actually use significantly less water than a lawn of comparable size.

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