Laguna Lifts City Ban On New Pool Constructions In City

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CBS Los Angeles

LAGUNA (CBSLA.com) — A Laguna Beach ban on all new pool construction due to the drought was lifted in a City Council meeting Tuesday.

The July 14th moratorium on new pool construction, written to put a stop to the building of new pools, was an effort to compensate for the historic drought.

“I was stunned,” resident Janice Hobbs said. “I couldn’t believe that they would take such a hard stance against pool applications, getting a permit to build a pool, filling your pool.”

Seeds: Learning to save water, drop by drop

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The Sacramento Bee

Think of this technology as positive reinforcement, one drop at a time.

As they try to reduce water consumption by 32 percent during California’s epic drought, Folsom residents have a cutting-edge tool to answer a common question: “How much water did we use today?”

Teenager stays in the shower forever? Toilet flapper keeps popping up? Leaky sprinkler head creates a constant puddle? Now, residents can see exactly how wasteful those long showers and little leaks can be. That also goes for running the sprinklers or the washing machine.

West Sacramento residents can use more water

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ABC News 10 Sacramento

West Sacramento is easing up on its water restrictions starting in August. The city says it has done well enough in its conservation efforts that officials can be more flexible.

"We take shorter showers, and we make sure we turn the water off between brushing teeth and washing dishes and things like that," Renee Johnson, a West Sacramento resident, said.

For the last two months homeowners were asked to water their lawns only once a week. And for some like Robert Rocha, that meant letting the lawn turn brown.

Save Water, Build a Pool!

Media Source: 
The Magazine of Santa Clarita

The current California drought has been a hot topic this year and highly debated in our state and local water agencies.  Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that swimming pools and spas use substantial amounts of water, however research shows this is not the case. Independent studies show that each newly constructed swimming pool saves more than 10,000 gallons of water during the first year alone and 30,000 gallons per year thereafter compared to the lawn and landscaping they typically replace.

In drought fight, pools and spas are not the enemy

Media Source: 
The Orange County Register

Backyard pools and spas are part of the California culture. But with our state in the fourth year of severe drought, many residents, and even some city councils, are looking twice at pools, wondering if they are making things worse.

The short answer is, no, they’re not. While it might seem counterintuitive, pools and spas, and their surrounding decking, actually use significantly less water than a lawn of comparable size.

Laguna should rethink ban on new backyard pools

Media Source: 
The Orange County Register

Laguna Beach, spurred by the drought, last week became the first city in Southern California to impose a 45-day moratorium on new pool construction.

The ban could become permanent for the duration of the drought when the issue is re-examined next month. We hope the council reconsiders, as Californians have already shown a great willingness to conserve absent such a blanket ban, which not only undermines a single industry but also homeowners’ mastery over their domains.

Dry Spell: Ca Water Restrictions Inspire Homebuilder Innovation

Media Source: 
Construction Dive

For a decade, California builders have installed water-saving, low-flow faucets and toilets in new homes and office buildings, making them 50% more water efficient.

Now, facing a four-year drought with no expectation of significant rainfall in the near term, builders are finding creative ways to comply with emergency water restrictions imposed in April by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The strict water-efficiency standards ban new homes and commercial buildings with lush lawns, and call on builders to install drought-resistant plants — if they use plants at all.

Pool repair without all that water down the drain

Media Source: 
CBS8-San Diego

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - If you need to get your pool repaired, but don't want to waste all that water by draining it, now you don't have to.

A local company says they can fix your pool while the water is still in it.

Underwater Limited's unique repairs are making a big splash during the California drought. They are able to repair rusted out rebar in a swimming pool without draining a drop of water.

"You’re saving 8, 10, 12, 14 thousand gallons of water and we have to be a part of this, otherwise this place is going to turn into a desert," says Kevin Wallace.

Valencia Water Co. Offering Rebates for Pool Covers

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Evaporation is a significant annual water loss for swimming pools, but a pool cover can help save nearly 10,000 gallons a year at a typical Santa Clarita home. In an effort to help its customers reduce their water use during the state’s serious drought, Valencia Water Co. is offering rebates for the purchase of pool covers.


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